The Life of the Catholic Church in the US

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The Catholic Church During Colonial Period between 1565-1783. The life of the Catholic Church in US. Began with the Spanish conquerors, who founded the parish of St. Augustine, Florida, in 1565. In 1598 the Spanish Franciscans they were evangelizing the peoples of New Mexico, but in 1680 the Hopi Indians rose up in arms, killed the priests, and prevented the restoration of the missions. Other missionaries who have come from Mexico christianized Arizona in the XVII century and Texas and California in the eighteenth century. Two of these priests deserve to be quoted in particular: the jesuit Eusebio Kino (v.) and the Franciscan junipero Serra. Kino in 1687 established the first mission in Arizona and in 1700 built San Xavier del Bac, missionary center for the next century. On the basis of their own explorations and with maps by the facts, projected form two chains of missions: the first from the Baja California to Monterrey in the Alta California, the second covering from Arizona. When the Jesuits were on the verge of completing the draft of Kino, were expelled from the Spanish territory (1767), giving his missions to the Franciscans. Fray junipero is who, since 1768, directs the Franciscan missions, year in which the Spaniards have already settled in the Alta California. In 1769 establishes its first mission in San Diego and in 1770 its central missionary in San Carlos Bor'Romeo, in Monterrey. (Shea, 9) The North of US. States and Louisiana were
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