The Lifestyle Of A Documentary Photographer : Research Project

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The Lifestyle of a Documentary Photographer: Research Project This paper will help give insights to those that don’t know photography so they can hear from an artist perspective about the most significant aspect of photography which is documentary photography. When you think about photography, most think of landscape, commercial, and fine arts photography. But they fail to know that with photography it takes documenting the things captured for those other particular aspects of photography. In addition, photography, consisting of creativity, composition, and technical competency is an art that allow individuals to capture moments that are not visible to those who lack a sense of photographic perspective but this mostly is towards…show more content…
In large part, this project will talk upon some of the most notable photographers to have ever done the work of a documentary photographer to help with the insights on creativity, authenticity, and individuality. To name a few, Henri Cartier Bresson, Vivian Maier and Gordon Parks. I’m primarily looking at the aspect of documentary photography along with the artists I will be discussing because I want to pursue a career for those candid moments just like I am fascinated with. I think it’s effective due to the simple fact without documentary photography or film, we would not know solely about history and I think documentary work is a great contribute to humanity because without those moments captured if your memory goes bad then you will not be able to relive those moments you longed to reminiscence. This project I plan to be a part of is unique in its own right and I say that because not everybody that documents a photo have envisioned it before taking it and that’s the difference between an artist and just someone that is a photographer. As far as new ideas, with documentary photography it gives a sense of pride to just go and find something to shoot but do it in a creative manner. Photography is more than just media or mass communication; it deals with what you find the most intriguing to the eye and what makes you think beyond just simplicity. As far as the list of the notable documentary photographers that were chosen and the reason for them being
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