The Lifestyle Of Romanian Gypsies As An Indigenous Group

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Introduction In order to understand the lifestyle of Romanian Gypsies as an indigenous group, this paper will provide insight toward their distinctive subculture, survival means, ability to withstand racial discrimination and unethical living conditions. Historically, Gypsies have been mistreated and isolated within various cultural settings. Their societies have a terrible reputation for theft, begging and lack of schooling, causing a divide amongst the population. Remaining far below the poverty line, these individuals do whatever it takes to survive. Originating in Northern India, the Romanian, or Roma Gypsies, developed a darker complexion than the average European. Unique cultural values and beliefs, such as forms of literature and…show more content…
Mountains of garbage consume their villages and rats run ramped throughout the community. There is often no running water, sanitation or electricity in these settlements. The poor living conditions contribute to the negative persona associated with the Roma ethnic group. Gypsy women resort to prostitution to make a living, children are sent out to pickpocket, beg and harass European citizens for money, and gypsy men overlook the work of their children (Appendix C). The gypsy children are smart, but without an education face a reality of poverty and adversity in Europe. Many as a result resort to a life of crime of their only means of supporting themselves and their families. Police are unable to arrest children under 14 years of age, working to the advantage of Gypsy child thieves. The Romanian Gypsy kids wander the streets searching for money and clothing to steal. For such young individuals, they are ruthless and lack a child-like innocence. The European community does not tolerate such vile behaviour, resulting in unnecessary violence. Numerous Gypsy villages have been burned down and destroyed by angry legal residence. Police brutality is become prominent in communities surrounded by Gypsies. They will confiscate money, food and material possessions without question and beat Roma Gypsies for unethical reasons. When the Gypsy communities were being burned and destroyed by European citizens, police stood as bystanders and

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