The Lifestyle change Program

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The Program Prior to commencing the Lifestyle Change Program the client must be educated in areas of her lifestyle, which will be addressed over the course of the 4-week program. The initial assessment highlights areas of weakness in the client; results indicate that the client currently falls below average in some physical aspects when compared to normative values of her age category. Areas that will be specifically targeted in the program include aerobic fitness and strength, dietary intake requirements and lifestyle changes. The client must be educated on the concept and the benefits associated with increasing aerobic capacity and also increasing muscle strength, not only of the upper body but all major muscle groups. In addition to educating the client on the benefits of increasing physical activity the client must be made aware of the consequences associated with sedentary behavior and thus the emphasis of lifestyle changes must be made. Dietary intake is another major area of the client’s lifestyle that must be addressed for the client’s educational purposes. By educating the client in areas that will be addressed this will aid the client in accepting the idea that areas in her lifestyle must be altered to enhance her quality of life. Not only will education paired with alterations to the client’s lifestyle enhance the client’s quality of life, it will also increase the chances and likelihood of her committing to the program in the long term and post program. Together
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