The Lighthouse After School Program

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Introduction The nonprofit organization that I chose to conduct research on is called the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is an after school program for middle and high school students. I decided to research this organization because I have had a few friends volunteer there and I have heard nothing but positive comments about it. I really wanted find out more about the Lighthouse because from the little that I already knew about it, I felt that it provided a safe harbor for our youth in Lincoln and I think that type of organization is a great asset to the community. In this research paper, I will discuss the history of Lighthouse, the mission and values of the organization, programs and enrichment that is provided, projects that have been beneficial to the community, financials, and last but not least, I will talk about the staff and team at Lighthouse.

History The Lighthouse After-School Program was created in the year 1990 by Peter and Maureen Allman and Jim Perry according to the Lighthouse website (Lighthouse, 2015). Pete Allman visited a similar organization called The Covenant House while he was in New York City and when he came back to Lincoln he was told by many that the community and city of Lincoln, Nebraska needed a safe place where youth could go and hangout. With the funding from Woods Charitable Fund, the Lighthouse was able to be set up in the Atwood House on 17th and G. After a year at the house, the Lighthouse was moved to a different location across…

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