The Lighting Of Electrical Systems And Electronics

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Lighting Engineer

a lighting engineer sets the mood for the whole set that the artist is doing. The Engineer can control the lights by a control board. He can also set up pre cues so when he pushes a button the whole lights can change colour or movement. They are responsible for setting up starting salary is 15.000 pounds a year. (National careers service) You’ll would need to have knowledge of electrical systems and electronics. Being physically fit and having a head for heights will also help you to work with heavy equipment high above a stage or studio.

Skills would need to be able to work in a team.
2.You need a creative mind!
3.need an ability to follow instructions.
4.good at manual work.
5.Comfortable with height’s.
6.need good communication skills.
Problems if they don 't do it properly
Little problems are the lights could be out of sync with the music. Another one could be that the engineer might of not set up the equipment correctly so when it come to the gig the whole thing might not work. Big problems could be the engineer not securing the lights on the celling properly so the whole rigging could fall down. For live sets they would need PPE personal protective equipment. This would include harnesses, hard hats and hi viz jackets.

Sound engineers
As a sound engineer, you would control the sound at live events such as theatre performances and music concerts. You would operate microphones, amplifiers and control desks to balance the sound levels,

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