The Lightning Thief Analysis

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The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan does not contribute to a white supremacist narrative. The arguments for this being the case (namely that the gods stay in western civilizations and that the battle at the St. Louis Arch both promote white supremacy) can be refuted. I also disagree with the notion that Percy Jackson’s focus on western civilization pushes white supremacy. Greece and Rome are commonly called the birthplace of western civilization, and this is the narrative that Riordan follows in this series. When talking about Greek and Roman gods, then, it makes logical sense that these gods would influence western civilizations exclusively. I would be more concerned if Riordan had used his narrative to push western gods onto other cultures. To claim that civilizations all over the world are linked to these particular gods would be to impose Greek and Roman culture. In Riordan’s universe, This would claim that western gods influence the entire world, and are superior to what other traditions have been cultivated by other cultures. Riordan has written series with Egyptian gods and even a series with Norse gods. Riordan also wrote three short stories that bring his Greek and Egyptian series’ heroes together (“The Son of Sabek” article from Wikipedia.) This shows that Riordan is allowing each culture’s deities to rule the cultures that believed in them. Had Riordan moved the western gods to the Mayans or Aztecs, for example, he would be completely ignoring the fact that
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