The Lightning Thief Book And Movie Analysis

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Movies are Thieves A common goal of Hollywood productions is to attract a vast audience. In order to earn mass profits from their movies, directors will change any storyline to create an easy to follow, action-filled success. The Lightning Thief novel, written by Rick Riordan, and The Lightning Thief motion picture provide excellent examples of how books are morphed into classic, money-making attractions. Even though The Lightning Thief book and movie both share main characters and settings, the book expresses more detail and educates the audience while the movie focuses more on action and convenience, allowing for more errors between plots. Action is one of many differences found between the book and the motion picture. The entire plot of the movie revolves around finding and fighting for the pearls of Persephone, but in the book, Percy, the main character, receives the pearls as a gift on behalf of his father for use in a time of trouble. The settings and opponents faced by Percy and his companions, Annabeth and Grover, are the same: Medusa at the Emporium, Hydra at the Parthenon replica, and the Lotus-eaters at the casino. However, the reward for winning in the book is survival, not a pearl as portrayed in the movie. Another example is the scene involving Hades’ Minotaur. Percy is not an experienced fighter at the beginning of the book; therefore, Percy faints after taking one of the Minotaur’s horns. The movie illustrates Percy as a potentially skilled hero in

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