The Lights On The Eyes

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The lamp posts caste themselves like trees on the narrow path. The bright lights on the other side cover the vast sky. The enormous white arch introduces itself first and then allows the plentiful structures behind it to shine under the restless night. Although the humid air perturbed my skin, the temperature was perfect to contemplate my thoughts. The night was almost silent and all that could be heard was the noise the rapid cars made as they passed through the highway. The buildings seemed minuscule from far away, but I knew that they were enormous when standing in front of them. The city buildings and lights provided a sense of security, a place where the city’s arms awaited. The city’s arms were not home; instead home awaited with an overly stressed life, one parent, and a few wild children. The sudden announcement that my mother was to stay in the hospital for the next 7 months due to her risk in labor and later suffer postpartum depression startled me, how could such a strong healthy women fall into this situation? My mother’s state became a burden onto my arms, as the eldest I would have to adapt to handle house tasks, create a more close relationship with my siblings, and continue to be successful in my educational life. Most things were handed. Any situation that came up my mother would always have a solution. Coming home I would launch my bag on the couch and instantly smell the fresh scent of lilacs that would surround the living room. I would then march
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