The Likelihood Of War

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The Likelihood of War When I was younger, my mother told me a story about discipline. As a child, she and her sisters would watch T.V. on the big plush carpet in her father’s house. Her father would draw a line in the carpet, marking the closest they could be to the T.V. My mother and her sisters, both being at the age of rebellion, took this as a challenge. They would discreetly scoot forward, their toes touching the line, watching to see if their father noticed. When they realized they could get away with it, they drew a new line when he wasn’t looking, nearly identical to the first, and waited to see if he noticed that. After a few more times, their courage exploded and they were soon only a few feet from the television. My grandfather had enough and banned them from the T.V. for 2 weeks. This situation reminds me of North Korea, whom is once again behaving like a petulant child desperate for attention, and the United States is considering offering punishment. This summarizes many of the articles written recently about the alleged ‘nuclear’ bombs tested by North Korea earlier this year (Sang-Hun, “U.S. Weighs”). North Korea is planning another launch in the near future, and has assured everyone that the only things that will be sent up into the atmosphere are simple ‘satellites’, (Harlan, “North Korea”). Needless to say, the country seems rather interested in having the world’s eyes on it. It seems as though the aim of North Korea is to provoke other countries into
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