The Limitations And Restrictions Of An Employer

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Several factors come into play when addressing the limitations and restrictions of an employer. Many laws and regulations have been enacted to address issues arising with employer to employee relationship. Our text acknowledges these laws are a collection of local, state and federal laws that depends on each individual situation to determine what level of focus will best relate to the issue at hand and come from the constitution, different statutes, Executive orders and regulatory agencies designed to administer and govern these laws (Walsh, 2014). Walsh goes on to acknowledge, once a human resource agent understands how laws are enacted, it becomes important to understand which law will best represent the situation that has occurred and deciding if your organization is private or public, part of a union or nonunionized and the size of the organization will be a determinant factor in the direction HR will want to pursue. Finally, before addressing the actual issue at hand, it is important for HR to understand who can file a lawsuit and simple issues such as the limitation period that states an employee must file a claim within a certain amount of time (Walsh, 2013). Many issues must be addressed before one can discuss the authority and legality of an employee handbook, along with the rights and responsibilities afforded and withheld from such a document. Once an employee feels compelled to file a grievance against an employer, an employer must begin to look at
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