The Limitations Of Discrimination In The LGBT Community

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The limitations of discrimination are not solely held to the aspects of physical nature. We have a whole new universe of potential when we start talking about psycology. The idea that you can feel pain from a mere thought is quite riveting. When some individual abuses the barrier of someone mind and potentially cripples them mentally, we have a new form of lynching. Throughout the centuries people have been criticized and judged based on every little thing that is done. These judgements can lead some into a deep depressed state and inflict major amounts of pain. Most commonly today, we have the singling out of the LGBT community. It is quite often that one may be insulting another in mere conversation, it is not always intentional, but it still can have a significant effect. There is still a very large discussion in politics over this very subject, which in it of itself could make someone feel bad because they are being put into their own category on the news that they watch! Being talked about in such a spotlight can lead one to feeling isolated and bring thoughts of hate towards those who commited whatever said act. This actually can lead to more discrimination! Another issue that adds to discrimination is the sense of male masculinity. This is very prevailing currently as well. With a sex scandal poping on the news every other day, it begs the question, are we truly an equal people? I say no, there is too often discrimmintation in the American work place to say such a
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