The Limitations Of Introspection And Behaviorism

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Paper Assignment #1
From Chapter 1: What were the intrinsic limitations of introspection and behaviorism, and how did these limitations lead to the “cognitive revolution”?
“This is because how people act is shaped by how people they perceive the situation, how they understand the stimuli, and so on,” (Cognition, pg. 13). This quote explains that studying the behaviors of the brain is somewhat of a difficult topic to study, since all individuals perceive information in their own way. When looking to describe the limitations of introspection and behaviorism it is important that you first understand what the words introspection and behaviorism stands for. Introspection is the ability to “observe and record the content of our own mental lives
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As for the evidence of the working memory system, two British researches, Alan Baddley and Graham Hitch, have proposed a model in how to explain the working memory system. They have suggested that the system contains many different parts, and that the main working part of the system is the central executive. This central part is able to delegate tasks for the low-level “assistants” to handle, since these assistants are not able to actually analyze a situation on their own. The articulatory rehearsal loop is one of the assistances that allows a person to remember, and is the most beneficial in many ways. This assistant allows you to recall information that is previously stated by repetitively stating the information in our head, which is known as subvolcalization, or silent speech. Furthermore, Baddley and Hitch’s model suggest that we are able to see the existence of this working memory through “sound-alike” errors, because our bodies rely on this rehearsal loop or memory to recall information. In a study, there was a control group which was given a normal digit-span test. In the other group, people were asked to perform concurrent articulation when they took the test. Although this concurrent articulation is not difficult, it does affect the use of the articulatory loop and decreases the memory. With that being said, manipulation of a
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