The Lin Family: Who Is Being An Individual?

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A girl is going over to her best friends’ house who she hasn’t seen in 2 months. She arrives at her house and sees that there are other girls there. Everything was going fine, but then things get strange. Her best friend asks her if she wants to go to the mall to steal a shirt. Is she going to steal it? If she said yes to her friends, even if she doesn’t want to do it, she would be following the crowd. This means she is following what her friends do just because it may make her look cooler or more popular. If she told her friends that she didn’t want to, that means she is being an individual. Being an individual is doing something that is right for yourself and others. If someone is their own person, this means that they have their own strong…show more content…
For example, in the book All American Slurp, the Lin family has just moved to the United States from China. They still have all of their traditions from when they lived in China. The Lin family went along with everything they normally did, but they were given weird looks. The Lin’s tried their best to be ordinary. The text represents, “There was hope that the Lin’s might become a normal American family after all.” This certifies how hard they tried to fit in, and they never realized that being an individual is the right thing to do. They felt like they needed to be American to be normal. In the next couple of months, the Lin family invited the same family over, but they made Chinese food instead of American food. The guests felt out of place, which showed the Lin’s that they shouldn’t change themselves because they aren’t like everyone else. The passage displays, “...the Gleasons were not used to the Chinese ways…” This quote demonstrates how everybody is different in their own ways. By following what they believed in, the Lin’s learned that being an individual is the right thing to do. Also, in Mama Went To Jail for the Vote, Mama protested because she was treated unfairly because she was a woman. Mama wasn’t going to let it go and follow what everybody else thought. She wanted to go her own…show more content…
For example, in the book All American Slurp, the narrator’s mother bought her dresses for school. When the narrator realized that everyone wore jeans, she felt out of place. The text communicates, “By the time she saw that Meg and the other girls were wearing jeans, it was too late.” This quote highlights how the narrator felt like she needed to follow the crowd instead of being herself. This gets the narrator in trouble with herself because she feels bad about herself, which she shouldn’t. Also, this creates trouble for the narrator’s mom because she already bought all of her school clothes for her. Following the crowd may look cool, but it doesn’t make someone feel better about themselves. Additionally, in the book Your Move, James has always wanted to be involved with the K-Bones, the cool group. Everyone follows the K-Bones because they are well-liked. James finally got the chance to hang out with the K-Bones, but there was a catch. James had to spray paint the word K-bones on a huge billboard near the highway. His brother was also with him along this journey. He told his brother, Isaac it would be easy, but it turns out it wasn’t. The passage displays, “...but really, I was more nervous than ever.” This foreshadows the event that happens later, James almost gets caught spray painting on the billboard. The text says, “I should’ve known the stuff
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