The Lincoln Electric Company Culture

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The Lincoln Electric Company Culture The Lincoln Electric Company is indeed a success story. It remains the world’s leading welding machines and electrode manufacturer. Notably, estimates indicate that the company may be controlling about 40% of arc welding equipment market. It has two factories in US and 3 more factories abroad with a combined workforce about 3000 excluding field sales staff. However, the immense success the company has registered in its operations is tied to its long-standing management style. This essay discusses the Lincoln Electric Company’s culture and how impactful it has been in maintaining a motivated workforce. The effectiveness of the company’s doctrine is attested to by its continued growth after James F. Lincoln’s death in 1965. This illustrates that the culture he had founded was strong enough to ensure the company continued to prosper even in his absence. When still in infancy, the company suffered major setbacks including being gutted down but bounced back to employ about 30 workers by 1906 while sales kept growing too. James Lincoln pioneered an advisory committee that was elected from the staff members. The innovation, akin to a tradition, has persisted to date whereby the CEO meets with the Advisory Board twice every month. This kind of representation is critical in ensuring that the employees’ interests are taken care of. This certainly is a disincentive for go-slows and strikes as the grievances can be routinely handled at the highest
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