The Lincoln Electric Company Culture

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The Lincoln Electric Company Culture The Lincoln Electric Company is a welding company that has been around since the late 1800’s. Not only are they known for their prospering business, but they also are known for their management plan. A company’s culture has so much to do with their success, and The Lincoln Electric Company is definitely a business to look up to in that regard. They are a company that succeeds through their sturdy history, their incentive plan for their employees, their management style, and much more. James Lincoln, one of the founders of the company, accepted a plan that gave their employees a bonus at the end of each year. The bonus that they gave was 25% of what they had earned that year. Today, they still have a yearly bonus. Lincoln also evaluated workers productivity and decided what their base pay would be from that. The way that Lincoln showed respect for his employees rewarded his company with increased profits and productivity. That inspires the company to do the same today because they know that rewarding their employees for their hard work pays off in the end. Lincoln was a Christian and was proud to have strong ethics and morals. “The actual is limited, the possible is immense” is their company motto. It shows how Lincoln had large goals and hopes, which still shows today through the company. A company’s culture has so much to do with the founders original goals and values and that is what shaped such a great culture for The Lincoln Electric
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