The Lincoln Electric Company's Culture

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Every organization has values and beliefs that define what they do and how they do things in the organization. These values have significant influence on how the employees behaves and the general performance of the organization – it is these set of values and beliefs, rooted deep in the company’s organizational structure that depict the “dos”, “don’t” and the “hows”, of the organization and these unequivocally represents the culture of the organization. This concept became popular in the 1980s when Peters and Waterman in their book: “In search of Excellence” presented the profound argument that, the success of any organization is inextricable linked to the quality of its culture. (Carpenter, M., Taylor, B., Erdogan, B. 2009 p183). The purpose of this paper is an attempt to analyse the impact diverse cultures played in the success of the Lincoln Electric Company. Lincoln Electric Company’s Culture
“The Lincoln Electric Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of welding machines and electrodes”
(Sharplin A., 1989). Since its incipient in the 17th century, the company has survived diverse challenges, and the key towards their success can be vividly linked to various sets of values and beliefs the founders and employees infused into the company’s system of operation - the culture and ethos that governs the workplace’s operational habits of the employees. Evidently, as a result of this, the company is considered as one of the best managed manufacturing companies in the…
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