The Lincoln Lawyer

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The Lincoln Lawyer is a 2011 movie directed by Brad Furman. The main Character in this movie, Mick Haller is played by Matthew McConaughey who plays a defense attorney. The part of Louis Roulet is played by Ryan Phillippe. Louis Roulet is a young wealthy realtor who murders prostitutes for his own sick pleasure. The role of Frank Levins, Mick Hallers best friend who is also a detective is played by William H. Macy. The role of Mick Hallers ex wife , Maggie McPherson is played by Marisa Tomei. The Lincoln Lawyer is about Mick Haller a semi successful defense attorney who works out of his Lincoln town car drove by a former client of his who owes him money for his services. Haller has a wealthily client who has a fool proof plan to beat…show more content…
So it seems as though Haller cannot break the privilege since he represents Roulet who has told him confidential, incriminating information. In both reality and in the tension-filled movie, it becomes clear that, perhaps, Haller’s best escape from his moral and ethical issues may be by coming to grips that Roulet is guilty and is a horrible human being and that he actually may have at one time represented a innocent man who he had plead guilty for a crime he did not
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