The Lincoln 's Inner Shield Process

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While advances in welding technology have been frequent, arc –welding products , in the main have hardly changed except for Lincoln ‘s Inner shield process. The most common Lincoln electrode, the Fleet weld 5P, has virtually been the same since the 1930s. The most popular engine-driven welder in the world , the Lincoln SA-200, has been a gray-colored assembly including a four –cylinder Continental engine and a 200 ampere direct current generator with two current control knobs for at least three decades . A 1980 model, SA-200 even weighs almost the same as the 1950 model and certainly is a little changed in appearance. All the of above reflects the continued influence of the founder where he maintained his position as an engineer and inventor and hence there has been little or diversion from the founder ‘s idea of making welding products. This can also be alluded from the fact that the 1980 SA-200 almost weighs the same like the 1950 model which further , shows that there has been little change to the materials being used to manufacture this welder but hence , only cost effective ways of manufacturing are at play.Consistence was the main goal of the company. Even after his death, the present workforce still highly rate their founder when it comes to depend on the model which was invented a long time ago hence, the continuation and maintenance of the brand instead. Lincoln saw the customer’s needs as the "raison d’etre "for every company, and hence,
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