The Lindbergh Kidnapping

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The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Jeff Harris 5/19/2015 There are three main parts that make up our criminal justice system in America, the police, courts, and corrections. The Lindbergh baby, Charles Lindbergh Jr., was kidnapped from his bed sometime between the hours of 7:30pm and 10pm on March 1, 1932. ( He was suffering from a cold and was left to drift off to sleep by his nanny, Betty Gow, with the window open. ( When his father came to check on him and found him gone, he found a note demanding a $50,000 ransom. Three days later, another ransom note was found demanding $70,000. March 9, 1932 a man named John F. Condon, a retired teacher, claimed to have made contact with the kidnappers. He…show more content…
Mr. Hauptman did not spend much time on death row. He was executed by electrocution on April 4, 1936. Many people, including his family, tried to get him to confess in hopes of saving his life, or at least giving the Lindbergh family some peace. He went to his grave that day with the truth. He maintained his innocence until the end. In an interview conducted by two reporters, he stated that if he had to die, he would die an innocent man when asked if he was afraid of the electric chair. ( Edward Reilly said the verdict was “one of the great miscarriages of justice.” ( This case has been studied and theorized on since it happened. Since he never told the world the truth, we may never know. I believe, if the police had been more diligent we may have known what really happened. It is true that you never really know what happened unless you were there, but even then everyone present has a different account of the facts. The defense attorney committed several grievous errors, as well as the police investigators. There are allegations of paid witnesses, as well as jury misconduct. In today’s courtroom settings things would go a lot smoother and I believe Mr. Hauptmann would have received a mistrial at the very least. Was he guilty? The world wonders. Did Mr. Lindbergh kill his own child and create this elaborate hoax to cover it up? He certainly had the financial resources to do
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