The Lindow Man ( Officially Lindow IIi )

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The Lindow Man (officially Lindow III) is the top half of a male body, found preserved in a peat bog in Cheshire, England. He was spotted on the 1st of August, 1984, by a peat cutter in Cheshire. With his job to keep the belt of his machine cleared he threw away what he thought was a piece of wood. In actual fact this was the leg of the Lindow Man. "I was taken out on to the moss and shown where the previous day 's peat had been taken from. Walking the uncut sections, I found a flap of dark, tanned skin projecting from below. Reporting my discovery to the police, we agreed I would be given a day to excavate the remains. On 6 August, the site was recorded and sampled, the limits of the remains were established and Lindow Man was lifted - within his block of surrounding peat - on his way to international celebrity". (Rick Turner, newly appointed county archaeologist)
Lindow Man 's body was damaged as his waist was cut by the peat-cutting machinery, and only the top part of his body remained. (SINEAD DALY and ALICE KIM)
The Lindow Man’s body had been preserved by the peat bogs at Lindow Moss, where the body was found. They were formed by holes of melting ice and because of the type of moss that grew in them and also lets out a substance that causes a tanning process when dead, the Lindow Man was able to be preserved with his appearance mostly intact. (Maisie Jewkes)

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