The Linear Regression Project : Is The Amount Of Time Spent Playing Video Games?

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The Linear Regression Project

By Samantha LeStourgeon

Fall 2016: Term Project – STA2023
Professor Santra

What is the relationship between the amounts of time spent playing video games and your amount of sleep?
Nearly every day, you can read articles about urbanized countries throughout the world, with issues or concerns arising from individuals playing video games for excessive amounts of time. Individuals form addictions to a surge in excessive or violent behaviors, commonly found among teens or younger children. Studies also indicate playing excessive amounts of video games can also have an effect on your sleeping patterns in a negative way. For instance, playing an extreme amount of video games prior to going to bed may create a more difficult time in falling asleep. So, I decided to take on a similar yet different type of study to discover out how much video gaming an average high schooler plays each night and how this may affect how many hours of sleep he/she receives. I was unable to find any online articles for this type of study, so I decided to find out for myself using the high school population at a local school. As the study began, I did believe that students who participated in excessive video gaming may receive less sleep.
Statement of Task
The focus of this study was to investigate if the amount of time students spend playing video games each evening may have an influence on the quantity of sleep the average high-school student

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