The Lines By Jodi Picoult And Samantha Vanleer

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For this portion of my summer assignment, I read Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha VanLeer. I have selected twelve important and meaningful passages from the novel as well as a “Quote of the Book”. Between the Lines is about a girl, Delilah, and a book character, Oliver, that despite the limits of the story, connect and can even speak to one another. Oliver had never felt as if he’d belonged in his book and dreaded living the same plot over and over every single time someone opened his book. So, he asked Delilah to help him get to her world and leave the book. After many failed attempts, Delilah, with the help of a boy named Edgar, is able to get Oliver out of the book, but only because Edgar willingly switches places with Oliver. Finally, the passages I have selected are ones that are important, if not necessary to the book, and it was difficult to only select thirteen total. My first selected passage is from pages nineteen and twenty. “I did not write the lines I speak; they were given to me long before I remember. I mouth the words, but the actual sound is in the Reader’s mind, not coming from my throat. Similarly, all the moves that we make as if we’re performing a play somehow unravel across someone else’s imagination. It is as if the action and sound on our tiny, remote stage are being broadcast in the thoughts of the Reader. I’m not sure that I ever really learned this information - it’s just something I’ve known forever, the same way I
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