The Linguistics Of Color Blind Racism

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Eduardo Bonilla-Silva is a professor of sociology. He has written multiple books about color racism. The linguistics of color blind racism: how to talk nasty about blacks without sounding “racist” is one of the works that incudes color racism that I will be discussing. This title describes how other races that are racists are trying to hide so they find ways to speak about the blacks trying to not sound racist. I am in agreement with Silva’s work because I have witnessed instances where semantic moves, diminutives and projection have occurred.
To begin with, semantic moves can be described as phrases that are interjected into speech when someone is about to state a position that is seemingly racist. A woman name Rhonda, she is in her sixties and she used the former move in her explanation of why blacks are worse off than whites in the United States. Her statement in short stated:
“Well, I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be, you understand I’m, I’m (not) prejudice or racial or whatever. Ah, they’ve always given the ah, slut : : : smut jobs : : : because they would do it. Then they stopped, they stopped doing. Ah, welfare system got to be very, very easy. And I’m not saying all, there’s many, many white people on welfare that shouldn’t be. But if you take the percentage in the tri-city country area, you will nd that the majority are white, but all you see is the black people on welfare, but it’s a graduation up: : : Thirty years ago they started it and they continued it, and they
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