The Link Between Alcohol And Violence

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In spite of the fact that the link between alcohol and violence has been recognized as far back as the 4th century BC (Bellis & Hughes, 2011), contemporary researchers are still looking into ways of stopping alcohol-fuelled violence and developing a deeper understanding of the subject (Drug and Alcohol Review, 2011). Alcohol is the main cause of traffic deaths, drownings, fires, assaults, murders, robberies and sex-related crimes according to Shupe (1954), Waller (1969) and Wolfgang and Strohm (1956). Moreover, it is generally acknowledged that alcohol consumption alters cognitive processes (Ryback, 1971; Jones, 1973) and that violent patterns of behaviour become more frequent when alcohol consumption increases, as has been investigated by a study conducted in Norway between 1990 and 2004 (Bye & Rossow, 2008). Although it is estimated that alcohol-attributed violence accounts for 248,000 deaths worldwide every year (Rehm J, Room R, Monteiro M, et al, 2004), research suggests that the link between the two variables is far more subtle and complex that it is assumed in both “popular discourse and in the official response to offences committed after the offender has been drinking” (Dingwall, 2006). In fact, a crime committed after consuming alcohol does not necessarily mean that the drinking was the only factor that lead to the offending (Dingwall, 2006) and the research done on alcohol and violence is only a part of a wider picture – substance abuse and crime (South, 2002;…
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