The Link Between Anxiety And Depression

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Topic: “Anxiety and depression are often linked, experts say, as dealing with long-term anxiety can lead to depression, or one may feel anxious about their battle with depression.”
In order to talk about the “link” between Anxiety and Depression, there is a word that must be discussed: comorbidity. According one paper, “Comorbidity may imply either the co-occurrence of two or more disorders in an individual at a given time, or the manifestation of multiple disorders during the lifetime of the individual.” (Seligman and Ollendick, pg. 125) Two disorders may be comorbid when there is symptom overlap; “when one underlying construct is split into two separate disorders”; when disorders share risks, or “when one disorder causes or increases the risk of developing the second disorder.” (S and o, pg. 125) People with comorbid disorders are, “typically more severely impaired than children with either disorder alone.” (1) However, there has only been a limited amount of research done on individuals with comorbid disorders, as comorbidity often serves to exclude people from entry. This paper with specifically discuss and expand upon the comorbidity between anxiety and depression.
Anxiety and depression are highly comorbid disorders. In a study done about the relationship between anxiety and depression, researchers found a group of 106 children who struggled with DSM-III diagnosed anxiety disorder. Of those 106 children, 28% were found to have a comorbid depressive disorder.
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