The Link Between Destruction Of The Environment And Human Equality

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If a person wishes to understand a cultures values the best way to do so is to examine how they treat the environment. Which will lead you to results about how the cultures rates of consumption, waste, production, sustainability, and many more important values. The link between destruction of the environment and human equality are both tied together in order to help sustain many of the first world countries consumption demands. Demonstrating many cultures of high demand of consumption at any means necessary is a ever to popular theme being promoted and very successful in many western and a growing number of european countries. The ideology of always wanting and needing the newest product, even if the current product works fine at any cost…show more content…
Where the people making the products suffer the most and don 't any benefits for doing. An example is in China where many companies out source there factors in China for the production of their products. .The reason companies do that is because of the very cheaper labour in China which allows for many companies to exploit the workers and the environment in China because of the high demand for new products creates so much money. As a result from all the pollution caused by all of the factors in China over 80 percent of the cities do not meet the national small particle pollution standards, and air pollution contributed around 1.2 million premature deaths annually in China(Albert, Xu, 2014). With so many cultures relying on products from China even though knowing how the products are made and the consequences that are followed many people still do not see it as a big enough problem to change the way the live there life, to be smarter about their purchases. This is why it is so crucial for people to be informed about the consequences of what there purchases can lead to. Looking at an analysis of Western society it is very unfortunate to see how little attention is given to such an important issue like the environment. An example is how at the most recent United States Republican and Democratic debates all the potential candidates where asked the question what do they see as the biggest threat facing the
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