The Link Between Drama Based Reading Instruction And Reading Comprehension

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Introduction Rao and Cartledge (2009) reported that minority and economically disadvantaged children have difficulty in reading comprehension. Reading comprehension involves reading, decoding, making connections to prior knowledge and thinking deeply about the text (Reading Rockets, 2015). Reading comprehension is a skill that is used inside and outside of the classroom, which means it should be effectively taught. Since this is an important skill that many children struggle with, I would like to focus on assisting children with enhancing their reading comprehension skills. I would like to create a program that focuses on building reading comprehension skills through the implementation of drama techniques. Research Adomat (2012) conducted research on the connection between drama-based reading instruction and reading comprehension. Adomat (2012) provided small group reading instruction that utilized drama techniques such as hotseating, role-playing and tableaux. Hotseating involves a student or students assuming the role of a character, and respond to questions by their classmates. This allows students to analyze characters, infer, elaborate and think quickly on their feet. When students role-play they are in pairs and take turns playing different characters. Lastly, in tableaux after reading a book as a whole group the students had to determine the most important parts and create visuals with their body. At the end of the year, the students took a reading assessment,
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