The Link Between English Reading And Mathematics

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I noted that historically, any link between English reading (Arts) and Mathematics skills (Science) seems to have been at best a tenuous one. The issue brought into the public domain by C P Snow (Rede Lecture 1959) where he claimed: ‘The two cultures (Arts and Science) stare at each other with mutual hostility and dislike…’ If this state of affairs was reflected in educational establishments of that time the likelihood of any meaning full cooperation between those engaging in the teaching of reading comprehension and mathematics would seem to be very remote indeed. Thankfully, changes in opinion did occur over time and by the 1990’s interest in children’s maths skills also led to an increase in research into the association between mathematical performance and reading skills which were shown to be very closely related. For example, Light and DeFries (1995) showed in their research that there was clear association between children who experienced difficulties in arithmetic and poor reading ability. However, perhaps surprisingly Jordan et al (2002) found that while reading comprehension disabilities predicted children’s progress in mathematics, mathematics disabilities did not affect progress in reading. Personally I found this to be particularly interesting. So a child does not require mathematical ability to be able to comprehend, however reading comprehension is paramount to mathematical problem solving? Fuentes (1998) seems to reinforce and explain the situation. He
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