The Link Between Hunger And Population Growth

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Holding on to these fundamental concerns an examination of world hunger and population growth illustrates the problematic nature of this program. The connection between hunger and overpopulation is the notion that the world cannot produce enough food to feed the number of human beings alive. However, the "world produces enough grain alone to provide every man, woman, and child on Earth with 3,000 calories a day" (Hartmann 1995: 16), illustrating this "fact" as profoundly false. Hartmann further states, "at least on a global scale their is not shortage of food"(Hartmann 1995: 16), which insinuates that the concern is not production, but rather distribution. The unequal distribution and consumption of resources by the West (Hartmann 1995:…show more content…
Hartmann states, " Affluence has more to do with the depletion of natural resources than does population size" because similarly to the issue of food distribution, too few people consume too much of the world 's energy, metals and wood (Hartmann 1995: 23). For this reason, " on a global level, it simply does not make sense to blame environmental degradation on population growth" (Hartmann 1995: 23); consumption patterns illustrate that one group of people are obviously creating the damage, and that group is not the "overpopulated" nations of the Global South. Hartmann explains that the goal of achieving a Western lifestyle, which necessitates environmental exploitation, cannot become a reality for a global population of this size but that the globe does have the ability to support every life on the plant. She is effectively calling into question the notion that a Western existence is inherently desirable and better, forcing people to examine if they cry "overpopulation" as a way of protecting their extravagant and environmentally harmful existences. This connects to the final overpopulation myth, analyzed here, which paints the developing world 's inability to reach Western levels of economic growth on their growing population size. The World Bank says that overpopulation is the main inhibitor of development, because governments do not have the capital necessary to provide for large populations of people and work on capitalistic economic growth. This

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