The Link Between Idiocracy And Rituals Essay

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Idiocracy revolves around a man named Joe Bauers, definition of an “Ordinary American” who works as U.S Army librarian; he is selected by the force for a top secret human hibernation experiment. The examination is overlooked when the officer in control is captured for having begun his own prostitution ring under Upgrayedd 's guidance. As he wakes up 500 years in future he finds the society so staggeringly stupefied that he 's effortlessly the most intelligent individual alive. For this particular text we will discuss the link between Idiocracy and Rituals. In order to understand the link between Idiocracy and rituals we must consider theories of John Beattie (instrumental and expressive actions), Carl Jung (theory of the ‘archetype’), Emile Durkheim (rituals and society), and lastly Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical theory. In Idiocracy, we see the message that the director is attempting to depict through the main character jon Bauers, to not be so immersed in the innovation that we stop to think and get so dumb.
The first theory that will bring us closer to understanding how the movie ‘Idiocracy’ portrays ritual we must take a look at John Beattie’s theory on instrumental and expressive actions. Beattie’s theory states Instrumental activities can have an expressive component, and numerous expressive activities can likewise be done instrumentally. Like in the case he gave in the content driving a car is an expressive action, yet in the event that the car is enormous and

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