Studies Seem To Confirm It

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Addiction is a complex issue that has multiple influences, including intelligence. Many specialists have considered the connection between addiction and intelligence, trying to gauge how they are related. The results of various studies have been surprising: high intelligence has been more commonly linked to addiction rather than low intelligence. But why?

Studies Seem To Confirm It
The troubling connection between intelligence and addiction has been highly studied and two recent studies seem to confirm the link between the two. The first of these studies was published in 2011 and found that children in 1970 who tested highly on IQ tests were subsequently more likely to abuse drugs later in life.

Specifically, the study found that men who had a mean IQ score of 109 (the highest in the study) were trying drugs much earlier and also used drugs more frequently than those who tested with an IQ of 100. Although the numbers were slightly different for women (regarding both IQ and drug use), they paralleled the results found in the males.

The second study, published in 2012, studied children born in 1958. What they found was very similar to the first study, but with more precise results: they found that an increase of one standard deviation in IQ almost exponentially increased addiction risk. Although the exact percentages weren 't released, the results of these studies are greatly troubling for people looking for a way to stem the tide of addiction.

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