The Link Between Mahayana Buddhism And Chinese Culture

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The link between Mahayana Buddhism and Chinese Culture

Buddhism has been the main religion of china for several thousands of years. In fact, Buddhism is an indispensable element of Chinese philosophy and literature. As we all know, Buddhism originated in India and first spread to China around 100BC. Nevertheless, (Mahayana) Buddhism in China separated itself from the mainstream Buddhism and created a new form of Bodhisattva precept instead of following the Indian Vinaya precept. The distinct Chinese history and culture played significant roles in the development and formation of Mahayana Buddhism . The change of Chinese society also had a great impact on the doctrine and status of Mahayana Buddhism. In this paper, I will illustrate the reason why Buddhism was widely accepted by China as an alien religion , analyze how the indigenous philosophy such as Taoism and Confucianism affected the Mahayana concept and find the relationship between Mahayana Buddhism and Chinese Imperialism. Chinese has always been a confident nation most of the time. As they believe that China is the Celestial Empire of the world, Chinese rulers and scholars are reluctant to accept heterodox knowledge, especially religion. For hundreds of years, Confucianism had been the essence of Chinese Philosophy. However, By the middle of the second century A.D, the great Han Empire was on the edge of disintegration. “The upper level of Han socio-political order was riven by conflict
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