The Link Between Parents ' Perceptions Of The School And Their Responses On School Bullying

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The Link Between Parents’ Perceptions of the School and Their Responses to School Bullying: Variation by Child Characteristics and the Forms of Victimization primarily focuses on the parental involvement and influence concerning their children experiencing bullying in school. The article 's central premise suggests focusing on parental viewpoints of school environments as an element affecting the response to school bullying and the child’s victimization.

#1) The article is composed of the following hypotheses: Caucasian parents are more likely to respond to their child’s victimization by contacting school officials in relation to the minority parents; parents of females are more likely to respond to victimization in comparison to parents of males. Parents with children in elementary school are more likely to contact school officials to intervene when their child is bullied than the parents of children in middle and high school are. The more glorified the school was in the parents ' perception; the more likely parents are to contact school officials in the event their child is bullied. Parents are most likely to respond to bullying if their child suffered adverse effects linked to victimization. The authors in the article suggest that age, demographic, and parental perception of the school environment play an active role in the parental intervention. Parents who believe the school climate is comfortable, utilizing appropriate anti-bully programs, were
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