The Link Between Poor Communication And Patient Safety

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The link between poor communication and patient safety is the concern of many hospitals across settings. Thus, the breakdown of communication in the delivery of care has a dramatic impact on patient’s outcomes and cost of care. In the event where a nurse must call the attending physician due to the changing status or condition of his/her patient, the use of effective communication is extremely important. These changes of patient’s conditions may be related to the signs/symptoms of confusion, urinary tract infection (UTI), or changes in breathing patterns. The ability of nurses to use a clear verbal mode of communication affects the consistency and pertinent information received by the physician. However, this consistency in providing pertinent information to the physicians is not being facilitated by the nurses at Brooks rehabilitation hospital. The unplanned transfers of patients to acute care are increasing; in fact, the readmission rates at Brooks system of care revealed that in the period of January 2015 through July of 2015 increased from 7.8% to 14% within the 30-days after discharge from the hospitals. Recent data provided by the Senior Vice President of Nursing reveals that in August of 2015, the rates are higher than 23%, even though the goal is set to 15.7%. And although the financial impact of unplanned transfers of patients to acute care is not yet available, there is no doubt that the costs of care has triggered the motivation of Brooks organization to
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