The Link Between Production And Implementation

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What is the link between production and implementation? I feel it can be described as a Development Environment. Can Development Environments manage various computer languages, in order to teach the fundamentals of programming?
IDEs or Integrated Development Environments are applications that can help assist developers(programmers) with developing software. The first developmental environments were command based, and didn’t look like the menu driven, graphical interfaces of today. In the programming world there was a need for a more responsive and visual interface. IDEs were created in the 20th century mostly in European universities. The purpose of an IDE I to maximize programmer efficiency by tailoring menus and shortcuts toward a specific programming language operation. IDEs can support more than one programming language, for multiple software projects.
These are the steps developers use when creating an application using an IDE:
1) Create a project to analyze – Design and Implementation of desired algorithm
2) Editing a project – Generating the source code
3) Assemble a project – Converting mnemonics into hex or binary; generates an objects file
4) Link a project – Uses the object file and generates the binary code
5) Execute a project – Perform the tasks specified by instruction codes
6) Simulate a project – Execute the program on PC (also called the simulator)
7) Debugging a project – Going through the program step-by-step to find logical

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