The Link Between The Internet And London Underground

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In this essay I will analyze how and why the Internet distinctively differs from other ordinary kinds of networks; specifically, I will compare it to the London Underground system (reference to the network analysis of the 2005 London underground attack, Ferenc 2008. Therefore, in this essay I will analyze and discuss the extent to which the Internet is widely different to other networks; I will support my point using some leading scholar’s theories and experimental results.

Before analyzing and comparing the Internet with London Underground system, it is important to define some key terminology that will be used and contextualized for the purpose of this essay. Some key terms are network; the Internet, “networked society”
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Furthermore, the history of the Internet is part of the reason why the Internet is so distinctive from the other kinds of networks; specifically, the history of the development of the internet as a mean of communication gives a proper insight on the distinctiveness of it. First of all, communication and computers came up together around 1963, when the key improvement was to make these new technologies connect with each other. The first critical step in the history of the internet as a network was made by Leinrock (1961) when he put forward the first packet switching theory. He was convinced that packets, “the unit of data that is routed between an origin and a destination on the Internet or any other packet-switched network” (TechTarget,2007), were more practical than circuits for the functionality of communication between networks. Moreover, Roberts(1965) created the “first (however small) wide-area computer network ever built” TechTarget (2007), which demonstrated that computers could work together. Thank to these discoveries in 1968 Roberts, came up with the first form of the internet: the ARPANET. The internet started to advance faster and faster with fundamental improvements such as the TCP (transmission control protocol), a system that allowed data to be transferred, and the creation of the PhoneNet, the first dedicated email server online. These improvements brought to the creation of the Web 2.0
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