The Link between Capitalistic Values and Drugs That Have Been Assigned as Illegal

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Discuss classification substances US illegal drugs, "acceptable" substances related underlying system capitalism society
Communism, democracy, Islamism, Catholicism or the Divine of the Right of Kings, there are a number of beliefs since the beginning of the times. These beliefs are being followed by the human beings. There is no doubt about the fact that the belief systems are needed by the human beings for the sustenance and organization of their lives. However, since the past there is one main kind of the belief system that has been disliked by many, capitalism. The main aim of capitalism was to justify the elite and a high standard status that the capitalists have in the society. How these elite capitalists control many operations within the society for personal gains is the main failing them of the belief of capitalism. This paper will show a link between capitalistic values and the drugs that have been assigned as illegal. How these drugs being assigned as illegal represent many values and beliefs of capitalism will be highlighted in the paper.
A number of drugs are known in the market that can induce great changes in the body chemistry and the mood of a person. These drugs for a number of reasons can be classified as legal or illegal. History is one of the main evidence of the fact that the classification of drugs is not related to the nature of the drugs but to the politics.
The first important fact that needs to be highlighted here is that the

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