The Link between Violent Video Games and Behavior

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Get ready for another week of the Info Channel. Our topic for today, is South Asia. This is the channel that teaches you about the history, people, and fun facts of the world.
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Have you ever pondered about the unfairness in India? Have you ever heard of the caste system? The caste system is the categorization of social groups in India. The first cast is the Brahmin, consisting of people that have a job relating to religion such as priests. The next cast is the Kshatriya, with warriors and rulers. The next is Vaishya, formed of merchants and traders. The last is Shudra, consisting of peasants and unskilled workers. The untouchables do the dirtiest jobs, and are so low class that they aren’t even put into a caste group. People in different caste groups can’t marry each other. Although foreigners don’t have to worry about following this rule if they visited India, it is unfair for Indians. Call now to 1-800-123-4567 to take a part in stopping this unfair Indian tradition.

South Asia. A place of mysteries and wonders. What are we going to teach you about today?
Let’s start with India... and America. Although they seem like two completely different countries, there was one similarity: Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.. Born on October 2, 1869, Gandhi became the leader of India’s Independence Movement. He planned peaceful boycotts, trying to drive British forces out of India. He was jailed from 1922 to 1924, and assassinated in 1948
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