The Link between the Concept of Challenging and Forming Leadership

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There is a definite link between the concept of challenging and forming leadership. These two ideas, in fact, are intrinsically related to one another, since they largely serve as antipodes. The opposite of leading others is to have one challenge or surmount the leadership of another. In this respect, then, anticipating challenges to authority helps one to become a more effective leader. Likewise, an efficacious leader is aware of any potential challenges to his or her leadership, and makes preparations to endure and overturn such challenges. From a historical perspective, challenging authority is one certain way to gain a leadership role. History is filled with numerous instances in which individuals plotted seditions and overthrew various forms of governments dictatorships, monarchies, democracies in order to erect new forms of leadership that were either autocratic or otherwise. A prolonged analysis of various types of these examples, as they correlate to different types of leadership and manners of government, can prove quite beneficial to individuals who wish to lead and not succumb to similar pitfalls. This concept is widely explored in The Prince, authored by Niccolo Machiavelli. The author devotes a good deal of time in understanding basic facets of human nature that account for tendencies that result in challenges to authority. Yet he spends an even greater portion of the book elucidating certain historical examples in which individuals applied lessons taught
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