The Lion And The Mouse Analysis

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A famous person once said “Judging a person doesn’t define who they are. It defines who YOU are.” Don’t judge someone by how they look comes out in both of the stories “The Lion and the Mouse” by Rob John and “Wonder” by R.J Palacio. Both of the stories have characters that are different from others. Both of the characters get judged, but are very helpful in the end. Never judge someone by their looks is very important in “The Lion and the Mouse.” In the beginning, the lion new he was big and strong and the mouse was little and weak. So, he thought he would eat the mouse just because of that, he never even new the mouse. The lion overlooked the mouse and didn’t get to know him. In the middle, the lion said “You? How could a tiny mouse help a huge lion like me..?” The lion judged the mouse and thought that because the mouse was small he couldn’t do anything. No matter what your size you can always be helpful in some way. Towards the end, even the though the lion thought the little mouse was worthless, he actually saved his life when he chewed through a hunter’s net that the lion was trapped in. The mouse didn’t let there differences get in the way of being nice. People that are different can surprise you and do something amazing with their differences that you…show more content…
“The lion and the mouse” is a fable so it teaches us in a much shorter way. A little mouse tells a lion that someday it will help him and the lion doesn’t believe a tiny mouse can help a big lion like him. Then, the lion gets caught in a hunter’s net and the little mouse comes to save him by chewing through the ropes. However, “Wonder” is a chapter book so it teaches us not to judge in a longer way. A boy named August has a face that looks very different. There are lots of challenges and lots of people judge him because he is really different. Not judging people will make a huge difference in the world. Will you be the one that makes a
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