The Lion King Analysis

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The play being discussed in the Review is “Disney’s The Lion King, Jr” by children's play house. The play is based on the original Disney film produced in 1994, however Irene Mecchi and Roger Allers released their play version in 1997 and has been continuously perfumed since then till today. The author of this review piece is Pamela Steinik, and was written on March 06, 2017 for the MD Theatre Guide. The author Pamela Steinik was clearly writing a review piece this is not only evident it the title of the article “Theatre Review: ‘Disney’s The Lion King, Jr’ by Children’s Playhouse of Maryland at CCBC Essex” but also because a critique looks at separate components of a work as well as the overall impression of the work while being very technical since the critic has expert knowledge in the field, the author did not do this. Steinik described the work and gave the main information about “Disney’s The Loin King, Jr” as a piece of work being viewed by a interested viewer. For example, she vividly describes scenes within the play that she finds well put together in her opinion “in my view, the best songs are the big ensemble numbers. In “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” the cast dons bright tie dye shirts while spiral lighting is projected on the walls. Simba steps on the backs of the actors so he can ride on an enormous ostrich. Truly amazing.” The review does answer the Goethe’s critical criteria, however it does so indirectly and is only visible after reading the article a
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