Essay on The Lion King: Journey of an Epic Hero

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Although the movie The Lion King is often times viewed as nothing more than a child-based movie, in actuality, it contains a much deeper meaning. It is a movie that not only displays the hardships of maturation, and the perplexities associated with growing, but it is also a movie that deals with the search for one's identity and responsibility. As said by director Julie Taymor, "In addition to being a tale about a boy's personal growth, the `Lion King' dramatizes the ritual of the `Circle of Life'." Throughout The Lion King, Simba must endeavor through the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth to take his place in the circle of life, as king of the pridelands. One of the most enthralling central themes that exist in the Lion King are…show more content…
One of the most essential rudiments in the circle of life, is the process of birth. Throughout the Lion King, many births take place, the first of those being the birth of Simba. However, through the birth of Simba, other significant events were born, as well. The birth of Simba commences with a ritualistic ceremony. During this ceremony, all the animals of the prideland congregate to rejoice, exult, and celebrate the new king that will follow. The ceremony is extremely symbolic, and it represents a renewed kingdom, as well as continuous harmony and freedom. The birth of Simba not only represents the birth of the new king, but it signifies the birth of royalty, which is the establishment of Simba's identity. With the birth of royalty, comes the birth of reverence and veneration. Along with the reputation and status that Simba earns, comes many friends. Simba quickly builds a strong sense of comradeship and solidarity towards a young lioness, named Nala. His friendship with Nala also contributes to his sense of identity because she is a close friend. However, whenever anything positive occurs, something negative usually follows. Though the birth of Simba is positive, it stimulated hate against him and his father, from other family members. Scar, Simba's uncle, has a sense of contempt and disdain towards Simba, because Simba bars Scar's ability to become king. This upsets him greatly, causing him to want to inflict harm on
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