The Lion King

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The movie “The Lion King” can be interpreted in several different ways. There are the opinions of children and the opinions of adults. Children typically do not analyze it in depth as adults do and they do not always see the hidden meaning behind this movie. The movie is all about the ‘Circle of Life’ and how society works. The movie does not promote segregation but it does have hierarchies. Those hierarchies are shown throughout the movie where the lions are at the top and the hyenas are at the bottom. The movie plot captures how society changes due to lies and jealousy. The lies and jealousy are within the theme of good verses bad in which the good prevails, as it always should in a Disney movie. The main plot is Simba verses Scar in order to be king. Scar manipulates the situation to make Simba believe he is responsible for this father’s death and he is not ready to be king. After Simba grows up he come back to take responsibility for everything. This part promotes that people should take responsibility for their actions and to face the consequences because it is the right thing to do. Taking responsibility for their actions is not what Scar did repeatedly throughout the movie. Although the hyenas along with Scar live in a separate territory it is ultimately their decision as to where they live and how they act. Along with that, the movie portrays that Scar is jealous of his brother obtaining the throne and takes revenge in order to gain the throne. He masters a plan

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