The Lion Of Bed Stuy

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“The Lion of Bed-Stuy” Through History social injustices have been a normal affair without much leadership to correct it. Even though our great country is nine months away from her two hundred and fortieth birthday little has changed. While many champions of a movement start out with good intentions they still usually fall victim to the political machine, and its vices. Politics is the last line of defense for righting society’s wrongs, but the division of what is right, and what one thinks is right for them is closing. Something as simple as a bathroom is questioned from a gender equality standpoint. While for some a people using a bathroom is not an issue, because it does not directly affect them in a personal way. This to me is just another example of people using politics, fear, and religion to leave a legacy in history. History is what shapes and changes the world around us. You will always have the conspiracy of how much will your vote cost me to secure? When you support laws or ordinances that seek to regulate morality, behavior, and your fellow man/woman’s rights to be free you are standing against the constitution that you so often swear by as the most precious document ever laid in the hands of a nation. The rights and laws outlined in that document allow for the freedom of Americans to behave in the way they see fit, and not the way the politicians do. Shirley Chisholm was well aware of this, and is what helped push her to be a pioneer in the political arena.

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