The Lion Of The White House : A Life Of Theodore Roosevelt

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Aida Donald is the author of the Lion in the White House: A Life of Theodore Roosevelt. This book is a chronicle story and achievement of Theodore Roosevelt. Aida Donald has also written a biography of President Harry S. Truman. On one of her interview, she simply said she has had great fun writing about Theodore Roosevelt. Ms. Donald is former editor in chief of Harvard University Press. In this well-written book, she gives a brief history of life of one of the greatest president of United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt. This is not in depth biography of Theodore Roosevelt but she covers the main points of his life. Ms. Donald takes us journey of Theodore from his childhood to his trips in Egypt, Harvard College, first marriage, West and achievement he accomplished in office. Ms. Donald notes many of Theodore’s accomplishments before he took the office. He author and science geek, he had stuffed birds, strange chemicals and even his home laboratory in his bedroom. I really enjoyed this biography, it was really easy to comprehend and the way she illustrates I could really picture the life of Theodore.
In the Lion in the White House, she opens up the book with childhood of Theodore and his family’s brief history. She did an amazing job to show audiences the childhood of Theodore Roosevelt. Beginning of each chapter, she starts off with a quotes or part of Theodore Roosevelt’s dairy which is first person perspective of Theodore. She also included many pictures of
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