The Liquor Control Board Of Ontario

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As many are aware, the LCBO is The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, it is an governmental establishment that distributes and retails of alcoholic beverages in the province of Ontario. Due to the fact that this establishment is government ran, much of its revenue is used for healthcare, education and infrastructure; until 2007. They began Urban Environmental Management; as large majority of the population resides in urban areas (also where most LCBO retail stores are located), The LCBO began looking into sustainable urban development and took environmental responsibility for their, carbon footprint, production of products, production of waste, and energy consumption, etc. Their mission is to preserve and protect the environment for the future; to do so they had to pay attention to the four key factors, urban form, transportation, energy and waste management (Dearden, P., & Mitchell, B. 2009).
This initiative is designed to make Ontario a better place to live. This is made possible with the consideration of not only the health of the environment but the health of its people and surroundings. This initiative began in 2007 with waste management, when this was proven a success, the company broadened their horizons and looked at many more environmentally friendly decisions they could make that would positively impact our future generations. For this initiative to begin many things about the company were taken into consideration; things like indirect
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