The Liquor Store Down Fifth Street Of San Francisco

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It was a sunny Tuesday after school when I met an immigrant from China who was the cashier for the liquor store down Third Street in San Francisco. Within three weeks of his arrival in San Francisco, he was able to formulate words in English to hold a conversation with me. It was pretty impressive how he quickly learned the language. By hearing people conversate and watching TV was how he quickly learned English. As we were talking about places to see in San Francisco, groups of African Americans and Latino middle school students came and went straight to the candy aisle. They huddled around with their backpacks and were whispering among themselves. The cashier quickly shakes his head and rudely shouted to the students that if they did not have anything to buy then they should leave. Without making a scene, the students left. After I paid for my bags of hot Cheetos and a Capri sun, he annoyingly said to me, “you can never expect anything good out of those kind of kids. You better watch out when you leave or they might steal your food”. Murmuring a quick thanks, I left the store. When I walked outside, the students were frustrated because one of the group members lost a couple of dollars to buy their snacks. It is interesting how someone that has just migrated to the United States and in two weeks, not only was he able to learn the language, but he was also able to assimilate into the American culture. How this cashier quickly assimilate to the American culture is what Hooks

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