The List Of Franchises That “Went On For Too Long” Is Nearly

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The list of franchises that “went on for too long” is nearly innumerable. Ranging from movies, TV shows, or even books, popular franchises have an uncanny way of sticking around for too long as some higher corporate force looks to earn as many profits as possible. And, what’s worse, stretching such things out for too long may damage not only the ending, but the original story, as well. Because of this, there are very few series’ which actually meet a fitting and appropriate end- but when is enough enough? It’s usually fairly easy to tell, and Hollywood knows it. Nonetheless, they often drag things out for far too long, making unnecessary sequels motivated by purely monetary gain and which damage the originals. These types of films,…show more content…
The “Star Wars” prequels have been cited as having “ruined the original trilogy and all of its enigmatic fun,” (Norris, 2013) while the two “The Hangover” sequels have similar been said to ruin the reputation and originality of the original. Oddly written sequels may also diminish the quality of the original film’s ending, as stated by writers Rosie Fletcher, Tom Eames, and Matt Hill in their article “7 movie sequels that completely RUINED the original 's happy ending” Of “Jurassic Park 3” they said
“In the third film we finally catch up with the pair, and they 've broken up. They 're still pals, but she 's now married to some douche attorney named Mark. Eugh, Mark. This is the only scene she 's in, so why couldn 't they have just been together at the start before he made the trip to the island?”
Additionally, the novel “Scarlett,” a sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind,” continues a story that was already over. Similar to Vince Gilligan’s comments on “Breaking Bad” being about Walter White going from a “good guy” to a “bad guy,” “Gone With the Wind” is not so much a “story of the old south” but a story about selfish and carefree Scarlett O’Hara going from a pampered, childish little girl to a mature,

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