The List of Human Values

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All the things on the list, from independence to health and wealth, have some value to every human being. However, each person will rank the values according to specific needs, cultural background, age, or personal preferences. For example, the order in which my mother ranked the listings differed significantly from my own responses. Whereas I ranked self-fulfillment, pleasure, and friendship in the top three, my mother ranked health, nurturing, and security as the most important. I also valued health, but not nearly as high as my mother. For me, nurturing and security fell relatively low on my list. The bottom three for me included nurturing, security, and power. The way we feel about core values determines the choices that we make, our attitudes towards others, and our identity. When my mother chose health as her number one priority, I realized that it was because she had recent health problems. It makes sense that our life circumstances and other situational variables will have a strong bearing on the choices we make. I have been meditating a lot on what my life purpose is, as I am still "finding myself" and the process is a journey. Because I am in this frame of mind, I ranked self-fulfillment as the most important thing. After I find my ideal career path, other issues might rise higher on the list. Issues like the desire to be an expert in my chosen area; the need to influence others as a leader; or the ability to make a lot of money might become more important later
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